My brother

So I was talking to my brother the other day on IM. Me: Hey could you tell mom to call me some time? I can never get ahold of her cuz dad’s always on the internet.Him: Sure.Me: They really need to get voicemail or something.Him: yeah or DSLMe: So anything knew with you?Him: Diana (his… Read More My brother


My coworkers have a funny sense of humor. I’ve been meaning to post about this but haven’t gotten around to taking a picture till today. I had someone showing me a design for some equipment we have in our network. I’m not sure how long it took me to notice. I’m guessing it was a… Read More The SSCINGULAR

Stoopid People

I can’t believe how stoopid some people can be. I mean really? Why can’t we just shoot all the stoopid people? So I went to Car Toys after work yesterday to see if they can do anything to fix my stereo. Turns out they bent some stuff on the front of the stereo, making it… Read More Stoopid People

Stoopid Punks

So, Sunday Doug and I were planning to go watch the Superbowl at a bar near his house. That ended up not happening because of some stoopid ass hat punk kids. SO here’s what happened. Sunday morning about 4:20 Doug and I are awakened by some loud noise. Had no idea what it was sounded… Read More Stoopid Punks


So I had a bit dilemma this weekend… I heard U2 would be coming to Seattle and tickets would go on sale via Ticketmaster Saturday morning. Kewl, I love U2. I hate ticketmaster… They were to go on sale at 11:00… Okay so I got up around 8:30 or so checked my mail. hmm email… Read More Concerts


Jav started it I think then Moocow did it then Silly Scented Serra did it now I’m going to chime in. So, kids… I don’t like them and neither does my brother. I think my poor mom is out of luck in the grandkid department. She doesn’t bug me about it too often but she… Read More Kids…