skinny minnie

I know there’s people that would give a lot to have the kind of metabolism I have. And it is nice most of the time. It is however embarassing when you have to resort to buying kids clothes cuz none of the adult clothes will fit you. Yes I actually did this today and have… Read More skinny minnie

Snoqualmie Falls

Some pics from a little trip Doug and I took to Snoqualmie Falls. Only the 2nd time I’ve been there since I’ve lived here. Its a nice little hike down to the falls and some rock climbing down to the river’s shore. Yer actually not supposed to go near the water but everyone does.

Move Day

It was more like unpack day. The actual move took place on Thursday and Friday and maybe over the weekend. Monday I came to work in the old office building I used to be in when I first started here. I’ve since then been to two other buildings besides this one and am now back… Read More Move Day

Changing Recipes

Ok it really torks me when a restaurant you go to changes the way they make stuff. Or when a restaurant has diff chefs and depending on who the chef is the dish is totally different. I can understand diff restaurants making something a diff way but if it’s one restaurant I think they should… Read More Changing Recipes