I just noticed I got tagged by Serra, my first tagging. Sometimes I do these, sometimes I don’t. I think I’ll do this one. Haven’t seen it before. For some reason, no one tags me for meme’s…until now. Evilsciencechick at …but mostly rants however, has done just that. So, here’s my answers to the five-question… Read More Tagged

My Resume

I had this voicemail when I got to work the other day. It was kinda funny. It was a guy calling and he works for Cingular, as do I. He had some questions about some equipment that we use. But the weird part is how he found me. He was searching the internet for info… Read More My Resume

Deck Repairing

I know my deck is way over due for some maintenance. This week is looking to be a nice one so I think I’m going to do some work on it. For the 4 years or so that I’ve lived there I haven’t really done anything to the deck. I’ve been doing some research to… Read More Deck Repairing

My Haiku

LiveJournal Haiku! Your name: gapey Your haiku: a short bar with likestools at it there’s a loteasier to buy a Username: Created by Grahame

Why Dell Why?

Tell me if this makes any sense to you. I ordered a Dell laptop before I left for vacation thinking it would arrive before I left. It ended up arriving the day we were to fly to Peru. UPS would not hold the package because it hadn’t attempted it’s first delivery yet which I think… Read More Why Dell Why?