PB Loco for me

So I got my PB Loco and will be distributing it in my van this coming wed. I need to bring some crackers or something so everyone can taste eachother’s. We have 3 diff ones to try. white choc, dark choc, and raspberry dark choc. I’ve only tried the dark choc one so the other’s… Read More PB Loco for me

ok you gotta watch thisClick on the “Link” at the bottom of the pic. it’s this year’s censorship in review. Shows a bunch of censored stuff that is pretty crazy.

Biggles in CoH?

If you are reading this and don’t play CoH, move along, nothing to see here. I said move along! So those of you who know about the Biggles, I think it would be kewl to make some Biggles give them all the same outfit. I’ve seen other SG’s with the same outfits on and I… Read More Biggles in CoH?

Busy as hell

So, one of my co-workers is having some foot surgery and is going to be out of the office for three weeks. Guess who gets to do all her work while she’s gone. You guessed it. That be me! Everyone in my group is so overworked as it is and now I’m twice as over… Read More Busy as hell

My gardens

Went out and took a few more pics in the yard. My roses are doing pretty well, even the one that I thought was dying/dead. It’s got some new leaves and a few rose buds. One of the buds has bloomed and I got a pic of it. Veggies are doing pretty well for the… Read More My gardens


I can’t believe how many people are leaving my company in the last month… Things since we were bought out by the orange people have gotten so hectic and disorganized that people are fleeing like bats. Do bats flee? Anyway I just heard in the last two days that at least 5 people are leaving… Read More MASS EXODUS!!!