New job???

Maybe… We’ll see. Gee I sure have been posting on here a lot lately. Doug just mentioned my manager’s manager is hiring a couple engineers in this group he is taking management over since the manager has recently flown the coop. A manager that I despised and wouldn’t have worked for because he was an… Read More New job???

Recipe Help!

I got this monster zucchini from a guy at work today and I’m going to make some zucchini bread with it, maybe a couple loaves. I am looking for a good recipe so if you have one please send it my way!


Sometimes my IPOD ticks me off… Last time I used it I downloaded some IPOD auto update software thing for it. So when I went to plug it in yesterday to put some music on it it updated the software. What exactly the update did I have no clue, would be nice if it said.… Read More IPOD


Haven’t made any candles lately despite the mounds of candle scent my mom got me for my birthday… Doug got me some interesting scent the other day. Black Pepper scent it was. I do love my black pepper. mmm So anyway I burned some of the oil in my pot pourri pot and decided to… Read More Candles

Huckleberry Muffins

I just ate a huckleberry muffin straight from the oven. yummers! I think I’ll bring a couple to work tomorrow. Gotta save some for Doug too. I still have huckleberries left. I might make some more muffins… Here’s a pic!