The Purple Store

Yes such a place actually exists. No, it’s not a store that’s painted purple, it’s actually a store that sells nothing but purple things. purple shoes, purple clothes, purple drinkware, purple jewelry, purple luggage, purple soap, purple toys, purple cellphone face plates, purple USB flash drive, purple Minnesota Vikings Shower curtain, purple lug nuts, purple… Read More The Purple Store

Alpaca cuteness

Doug and I went over to a co-worker’s Alpaca farm this weekend. One of her alpacas just happened to have a baby the week prior so we got to see the cute lil girl. She’s completely black and her name is Oprah. Named so because she’s black and worth a lot of money. She was… Read More Alpaca cuteness


so I just saw something interesting in the news today: AT&T near deal to buy BellSouth: reports What does this mean? well… AT&T Wireless was engulfed by Cingular so AT&T Wireless no longer exists. Cingular is owned by SBC and BSSBC bought at&t but kept the at&t name, no more SBCso now Cingular is owned… Read More buyouts


When I got to work this morning I found a box on my desk. I knew I had a package coming but I didn’t know what would be in it. I am responsible for the Southeast Region engineering in my group. I’ve been working with this region for a few months now. It used to… Read More Stress