Birthday goodies

Birthday goodies are starting to roll in from the parents. I told them not to bother shipping anything since I’m driving out to MT in a couple weeks I can just pick the stuff up when I go out but since they are starting to buy most of their stuff online these days they are… Read More Birthday goodies

Another job update

Job situation I posted before about a manager job I was thinking about applying for. Well I applied and I sat through 4 hours of interviews which I thought went alright. The first one was the hardest. It’s been about 7 years since I’ve interviewed for a job and it was a little tough. After… Read More Another job update


Don’t look moo cow you really do not want to see this. Oh you already did? Sorry I tried to warn you. You would not believe all the tiny bunnies I found on one of my rhodies in my yard. This isn’t even half of em if you can believe that. It’s just one of… Read More Bunnies!

Damn Orkins

I will never be doing business with the Orkinman again. I cannot believe how unorganized these people are. I don’t have rats or anything like that, that I’m aware of. I called these people to take care of the yellow jacket nests that are covering my house. Step 1: inspection. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG.… Read More Damn Orkins