Melakwa Lake

The summer is just about over and the nice weather is coming close to an end. Soon it will be rain for months on end and the trails will be covered in snow. It seemed like the perfect weekend for a hike. The only hikes I’ve been on this year have been pretty small. A… Read More Melakwa Lake

Concert Month

So October is going to be concert month for me and Doug this year. When I went for coffee this week at Victor’s, the best coffee evar, I picked up a copy of The Stranger, a local alternative newspaper. I looked through it during lunch on Friday and found several bands that I want to… Read More Concert Month


My mom’s brothers are not what you’d call SMRT. My parents live in MT. You can’t really find any fresh roasted peppers out there but they are all over the place in Colorado where the rest of my mom’s family lives. Her brothers decided to send her some. I don’t know if they froze it… Read More Uncles

Makin Stuff

So I’ve made a few things since my last post. I made another batch of soap this will be my 4th. I decided to try a new ingredient this time. I went to Larry’s Market by work. This is like a specialty foo foo fancy grocery store. I wouldn’t buy everyday groceries there cuz it’s… Read More Makin Stuff