Man my teeth are in pain today. Went to the ortho yesterday and they shaved my bottom teeth. 😮 Before I got braces they took two top teeth out because they were too crowded and there wasn’t really room in my mouth for them. So out they came. They gave me the option of taking… Read More ow


I got my incense making supplies today and am in the process of making some incense. It seems pretty easy to make, we’ll see how it comes out. I’m starting off with some cherry vanilla sandalwood incense. It should be ready in a few days. Need to let it soak in oils for about 24… Read More Incense

Nice People

There’s some nice people here. I’ve heard on the radio about people that do this but have never witnessed or been a part of it. I think more people should do it… I went to the orthodontist this morning which is just a couple block walk from my office to replace the top chain on… Read More Nice People


It is snowy and cold here in Seattle. It’s never snowed this much since I moved here. I have 13″ of snow in my yard and it’s been there for days. The trees are still snow covered. When is this stuff going to melt? It’s pretty and all but I’m getting tired of the cold… Read More Snow!

Braces update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any braces pics. Over a year in fact. So I thought I would take some tonight. I am so close to being done with these things! Should only be a couple months to go. I’m hoping to get them off in March. Then:Now (sporting my Christmas colored bands):… Read More Braces update

A theme party

I don’t think some people get the idea of a theme party. I have a group of friends that are really into theme parties. They go all out, above and beyond, decorations, costumes, you name it. I went to a “Beach Theme Party” for New Years this year with a different crowd of people. I… Read More A theme party

Bad wind!

Got an email and a call from my neighbor on Friday: “I wanted to let you know that part of the fence blew down in a big wind gust last night about 2:00 AM. The part of the fence is in your front yard, with the corner being between our houses. It looks like it… Read More Bad wind!