new TV setup

I guess I haven’t posted since I got the new TV set up. Doug came over and helped me carry it upstairs. It was a lot heavier than I thought it would be. And LCD’s are supposed to be lighter than Plasma’s. I can’t imagine how heavy Doug’s 50+ plasma is. I’m enjoying the new… Read More new TV setup


I have no clue when the last time I bought a tv was. Most of my TV’s have been hand me downs so I don’t know if I’ve actually ever even bought a new TV before. I’ve been thinking about getting an HDTV for a while now but haven’t until last night. I got an… Read More HDTV

More Snow

I thought it wasn’t supposed to snow in Seattle well this year has been a different story. We had another round of snow fall last week and I chose the wrong night to go watch a movie. From what the weather forecast said the snow was supposed to turn into rain but it decided not… Read More More Snow