I’m getting so excited to get my braces off I can hardly stand it. If all goes well they should come off in a couple of months. I was actually asked if I’d like to get them off on my next appointment when I went on Thursday for an adjustment. I was really tempted to… Read More Braces

Pear Basil

Who’da thunk this combination of scents would smell good? I guess Jav did cuz he requested it. I found it to be an odd request so I did some looking up on the internet and the only place I could find this was at Crate and Barrel who make a cleaner, hand soap, and hand… Read More Pear Basil


I was all excited and had high expectations for this new Multiplayer game that is coming out. Lots of old buddies from my AC and SWG days are playing it so it must be good, right? Umm no not quite. I was highly dissapointed in this game. I pre-ordered the game in order to get… Read More LOTRO


As some of you know, I was considering going into management at one point and interviewed for a position a while back but didn’t get it. Later I was given a contractor to manage in my own group and that went alright. I was still undecided if I really wanted to be a “real manager”… Read More Manager