Snowman Originally uploaded by gapey Some people are calling it Arctic Blast 2008, others are calling it Snowpocolypse. I decided to try out my snowshoes I bought off Craigslist a few months ago since I’ve got a foot of snow in the yard and I had to make a trek to get the mail and… Read More Snow!

Art Photo Fundraiser

Art Photo Fundraiser Originally uploaded by gapey I am donating a framed 10×13 print for an art photo auction fundraiser to support Project Schoolhouse. I chose a photo I took earlier this year of some graffiti in Georgetown. The building it was on was demolished later that day. The money earned from the auction will… Read More Art Photo Fundraiser


Wading in the Street Originally uploaded by gapey Last week we had some nasty flooding in my area. Luckily I had the week off from work. Trying to use up all the vacation days I have before the end of the year. I’m glad I didn’t have to go to work that week for a… Read More Flooding

Ice Caves

Into the Cave Originally uploaded by gapey I’ve been wanting to go to Big Four Ice Caves since I found out about them several years ago. The Bridge crossing the river has been washed out for quite a while and they are working on rebuilding it. It was supposed to be done this year but… Read More Ice Caves


Week 41 – Darkroom Originally uploaded by gapey I recently started shooting some film. It all started with an all film meetup event in my photography group. Film cameras come pretty cheap these days so I picked up an Olympus OMG to play around with. I’ve shot off a few rolls and got a few… Read More Darkroom


Mmmm Formula #2 Originally uploaded by gapey Some people may think this is TMI but whatever, I’m posting it anyway… A friend talked me into doing a Colon and Kidney cleanse. Today was Day 1 of the Colon cleanse and when that is done I will move on to the Kidney cleanse. I have had… Read More Cleansing