Week 41 – Darkroom Originally uploaded by gapey I recently started shooting some film. It all started with an all film meetup event in my photography group. Film cameras come pretty cheap these days so I picked up an Olympus OMG to play around with. I’ve shot off a few rolls and got a few… Read More Darkroom


Mmmm Formula #2 Originally uploaded by gapey Some people may think this is TMI but whatever, I’m posting it anyway… A friend talked me into doing a Colon and Kidney cleanse. Today was Day 1 of the Colon cleanse and when that is done I will move on to the Kidney cleanse. I have had… Read More Cleansing

New Camera

Olympus E-3 First Shot Originally uploaded by gapey I’ve had my Olympus E-500 for 2 and a half years now. Olympus has come out with a few new DSLR’s since then. There have been a few new Olympus users join the Seattle Flickr Group and a couple of them have the E3, Olympus’ professional model… Read More New Camera