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Some people are calling it Arctic Blast 2008, others are calling it Snowpocolypse.

I decided to try out my snowshoes I bought off Craigslist a few months ago since I’ve got a foot of snow in the yard and I had to make a trek to get the mail and also to knock snow off of the bushes in the yard that were overweight and falling over from all the snow. It was definitely helpful. I put on my snow pants, ear warmers, ski jacket, boots, and snow shoes and out I went. It was a lot easier to get around in those in the deep snow than without. The young neighbor kids have never seen snow shoes before and thought I was walking awkwardly around in skis and wondered why I wasn’t skiing in them. I tried to explain that they weren’t skis, but snow shoes. They seemed confused. They seemed confused. I don’t think they’ve ever seen a DSLR before either because they called my camera ancient. lol

While snowshoeing around the yard I took a few shots of the yard and neighborhood which is blanketed in snow. Schools were canceled yesterday and today so they were out in large numbers enjoying the snow. My neighbors built this faceless snowman in the front yard. I’ll be staying home from work again today and probably won’t be leaving the house until next week.

One thought on “Snow!

  1. Hello,I am a yearbook editor for a middle school. We are in need of a picture of pizzelles and I found your photo when I did a google search. May I have your permission to use the image? It would be on a page showing students making the cookies. We didn\’t manage to take a picture of the final product. Silly us!Please let me know.


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