Irish Stew

This is my first time making Irish Stew and my first time ever buying parsnips, tapioca, and lamb, the meat that’s in most Irish stew recipes I found. I looked at quite a few recipes and there wasn’t too much difference between them. There were a few variations in vegetables, spices, broths, and broth thickeners… Read More Irish Stew

Cookie Baking

Almost every year I make a batch of spritz cookies. I have been using Betty Crocker’s Ultimate Spritz recipe. I usually separate the dough a few times and add different food colorings. I even added a little cocoa powder to some one year and they turned out pretty good. Mom used to make them every… Read More Cookie Baking

Chicken Posole

This post is well over due. This is a dish mom used to make and I’ve never tried making it myself until now. A lot of recipes call for canned hominy rather than getting the dried kind but mom always used dry so that’s how I made mine. You can usually find it in the… Read More Chicken Posole