Lake Lanham

We decided to take a hiking trip last weekend at Stevens Pass. We bought snowshoes last year but never really got to use them. I wanted to take them out at least once before the snow melts. I packed some hiking gear into my Lowepro backpack and put my 50mm macro and 50-200mm in my… Read More Lake Lanham


I needed a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt for the naan recipe I made a couple of weeks ago but the grocery store had only large containers of plain yogurt. Why is that? They had all kinds of small containers of yogurt with every flavor imaginable except plain. So I ended up getting a… Read More Yogurt


This week is “N” in my Food: A-Z project so I decided to try making some naan using Aayi’s Recipe. Ingredients:1 tspn active dry yeast2 tblsp yogurt1.5 C all purpose flour1/2 tsp sugar3/4 tsp salt1/2 C milk2 tblsp water Garlic-butter topping(Mix both):1 tblsp butter1 tsp garlic Directions:1. Heat the water to about 110 degrees. Add… Read More Naan


Never played before but always wanted to. I have several online friends from Minnesota that play on a regular basis and I was always jealous when they talked about getting together to play. It sounded like fun, but I never knew anyone locally that played and I didn’t want to play so bad that I’d… Read More D&D