Last weekend I made chorizo using Rick Bayless’ recipe in Authentic Mexican. There are tons of spices in chorizo, 10 of them in this recipe, and luckily I had them all and didn’t have to buy any. The only thing I really had to buy was the pork. Safeway had a buy one get one… Read More Chorizo

Pozole Verde

I was going to put the English name in the title of my blog posts and the Spanish version here but it just seemed wrong in this case. I’ve had pozole many times and calling it soup just didn’t seem right plus the name is long. Pork, Chicken and Hominy soup with Ground Pumpkinseeds is… Read More Pozole Verde

Clean Start

I had the privilege of meeting Terry Walters, author of CLEAN FOOD and her newest book, CLEAN START. Bonnevivante hosted an event and many foodies from around the Seattle area came to chat with Terry and learn more about her philosophy of food. I recognized a few faces from other events I’ve been to and… Read More Clean Start

Tortillas – Corn

After making flour tortillas last week, I thought I’d go ahead and make some corn tortillas this week. Despite having made flour tortillas countless times growing up, I have never made corn tortillas nor has my mom which is surprising. Corn tortillas are best made with a Cast Iron Tortilla Press. Most are made of… Read More Tortillas – Corn