Pay de Queso

Pay de Queso is basically a Mexican cheesecake. Rick Bayless refers to it as a “Sweet Fresh-Cheese Pie” in his Authentic Mexican Cookbook. I always thought a cheesecake closer resembles a pie than a cake anyway. I’ve never had Mexican cheesecake before so I’m not sure what makes it Mexican. I can say that in… Read More Pay de Queso

Pollo en Escabeche

Rick Bayless’ English translation of this dish is Chicken Thighs with Vinegar, Oil and Aromatic Spices. This was a recipe from the Poultry section of his Authentic Mexican Cookbook. This was my 10th recipe from the cookbook and I’m just a few weeks (categories) away from completing this project. The only ingredient I had trouble… Read More Pollo en Escabeche