I was treated by Sahale Snacks to a special welcome dinner at Urbane in Seattle where I got to meet the two owners of Sahale.  It was a treat getting to know more about them and how Sahale started which I’ll share more about in my factory tour post soon. I will say they love the outdoors and good food too, just like me.

I’ve never been to Urbane before and I’m embarrassed to say I had never heard of it before even though I’ve driven by it many times. It’s such an awesome restaurant located at the Hyatt Olive 8 downtown. I’m amazed at how many really great hotel restaurants there are in downtown Seattle. I’m happy that so many are becoming “farm to table” where ingredients are sourced seasonally and locally and Urbane is one of them. They are gluten free friendly too!

Our group had a space reserved at the Urbane Market, a room just across the hall from the restaurant. The table was elegantly decorated with candles and bamboo stalks in beds of rock running down the center of the table. A set of 3 empty wine glasses were placed at each seat along with a special menu and a usb drive with more information about the restaurant. The usb drive included a map of the local Washington vendors they work with from bakeries and creameries to farms and ranches.

Since Urbane uses seasonal ingredients, their menu is always changing but you probably won’t find these exact dishes on their menu.  Audrey Jones Spence, the new chef de cuisine as of Oct 3, created a wonderfully unique special menu for us that was inspired by Sahale Snacks and each course had a little Sahale in it.  Our first three were served with glasses of delicious Nefarious Cellars wines including a 2012 Viognier, 2012 Consequence white blend and my favorite, a 2011 Syrah.
2011 Defiance Vineyard Syrah

We started off with a salad of autumn greens and apples with a tahini vinaigrette, oranges, sing-buri cashew brittle and viognier-orange gastrique. Sing-Buri is one of Sahale’s snacks and it sure makes a fantastic brittle. Everyone wanted more brittle and they were nice and brought us a little more to pass around.

The second course was an aleppo pepper glazed neah bay black cod with california almonds, spicy roast squash and carrot hash. I loved having the texture of the nuts to go with each course. Who knew almonds and fish go so well together?
Autumn Greens and Apple Salad Aleppo Pepper Glazed Neah Bay Black Cod

The third course was the most beautifully plated chicken. It was a pan seared palouse pastured chicken with a cashew pomegranate vanilla sauce, cranberry chutney and garnet mustard greens. I love fruits and chicken together but I don’t think I’ve ever had cranberry with chicken but it makes sense since it goes so well with turkey.
Pan Seared Palouse Patured Chicken

I was the only gluten free eater at the table so I got treated with a different dessert than anyone else and I’m glad because crème brûlées are one of my favorite desserts!  So while everyone else got a baked mt rainier with vanilla cake, cherry-pecan ice cream, maple meringue and cider caramel, I got a coffee crème brûlée topped with pecans. It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal. Chef Audrey definitely showed her creativity and I’m looking forward to trying more of her creations utilizing the best ingredients of the Pacific Northwest.
Coffee Creme Brulee Baked Mt Rainier

Urbane1635 8th Avenue SeattleWA 98101    

Urbane on Urbanspoon

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