2015 Northwest Flower and Garden Show

It’s been a few years since we’ve been to the annual Northwest Flower and Garden Show at the Convention Center in Seattle and decided we were due for a visit. We ended up parking on the street with a 2 hour limit which meant we had to spend our time at the show wisely. We started by running through all the vendor areas, taking photos and samples along the way and finishing up with all the garden displays.

The only thing I ended up purchasing at the show was a bag of coir. I use coir for the Worm Factory 360 that I got for Christmas. It makes for great worm bedding and also works great as a seed starting mix too. I compared the price to Amazon and just couldn’t beat the price at the show and was thinking we should have bought more than just one.

The coir isn’t the only thing we came home with though. There were a lot of vendors giving things away. I picked up two packets of gourmet lettuce seeds from Cedar Grove, Dr Earth fertilizer, chicken treats from Urban Chickens and a bag of Groco compost made with Loop. My chickens enjoyed the treat and I used some of the Groco compost on my seed starts.

We also spotted Ciscoe Morris doing his radio show but it was so loud that we couldn’t really hear what the questions and answers were so we just walked by.

Below are a few of my favorite booths and displays.

 vinegar tasting fungi mulch gravelGardening with Ciscoe pot pourriflower arrangements plantsShrrom For Rent Cozy Outdoor Roomwater featureBeekeeper House

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