Instant Pot Steamed Eggs

I bought myself a little early Christmas present during a black Friday sale on Amazon. I got the amazing Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker for only $78.50. Little did I know it’s more than just a pressure cooker. This thing does just about everything. It has various settings for steaming, yogurt, rice and you can even saute in the thing. Had I known it did all these things I would have gotten one earlier. I’ve only had it out of the box for 3 days and in that time have made 5 different things in it and have enough leftovers to last me the rest of the week. This is what I’ve made so far:

  1. nom nom paleo’s kalua pig
  2. predomenantly paleo’s lemon garlic chicken
  3. instant pot’s soft boiled eggs
  4. 100 days of real food’s pumpkin purée (I used lakota squash)
  5. nom nom paleo’s Mexican Beef

Instant Pot On Fresh Eggs in Instant Pot

I thought I would share my experience with using the Instant Pot to make steamed eggs. You may know fresh eggs are a pain in the arse to peel using traditional boiling methods so I always steam the eggs for easy peeling. I decided to use the steam setting on the Instant Pot to make a few boiled (steamed) eggs to see how it does. I didn’t realize the recipe I was following was for soft boiled eggs until I got them out of the cooker. Next time I’ll try adding 2 more minutes to the time and that should get a nice hard boiled egg. The 4 minute cooking time I used resulted in a nicely cooked white with a yolk that wasn’t runny but more a medium consistency.

Steamed Eggs Egg Ice Bath

Instant Pot Medium Soft Steamed Egg

6 eggs
1 Cup Water
  1. Add 1 cup of water to Instant Pot and place wire rack (trivet) in the bottom
  2. Place eggs on wire rack, spacing evenly on the bottom
  3. Close cooker and be sure the valve on the lid is set to “Sealing”
  4. Plug in cooker and push Steam button and reduce time to 4 minutes for medium soft egg (6 minutes should give you a hard boiled egg)
  5. When done, place a cool wet towel over lid and move valve to “Venting” to release steam
  6. Remove lid and using pot holders, remove rack with eggs, drain pot and fill with cold water and ice cubes
  7. Lower rack of eggs into ice water bath, adding more water if needed to cover eggs and cool for 5 minutes
  8. Remove and enjoy or refrigerate 
I had one of my 6 eggs crack during cooking. I’ve seen various recommendations to reduce the chance of eggs cracking which include using a steamer basket, placing eggs in cookie cutters or canning lids.

Semi Soft Boiled EggEgg Topped Salad

3 thoughts on “Instant Pot Steamed Eggs

  1. Hiya,I love my Instant Pot and never would have thought to try eggs. I saw your picture on Flickr and followed it here. I'm saving this blog post so I can try it out now. Thanks for sharing. Shawn


  2. Thanks for your input. I steamed my eggs @ 7 minutes in the Instant Pot and they came out perfect to my liking. They were hard cooked, but still on the creamy side. If you want them bouncy hard cooked, I'd add another minute. Blessings!


  3. On Amazon I discovered a perfect tool for cooking eggs in pressure cooker. It's EggAssist. With this you don't have worry about the eggs rolling around inside the pressure cooker. The egg holder can also be used as a hot pad. I absolutely felt in loved with this purchase.


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