Must Grow Tomatoes

It’s the beginning of March and that is the time I start my tomato seeds. I love trying new varieties every year, but I always grow a few I’ve grown before because they are so good that I just have to grow them again. I will be growing 20 varieties this year and these are the 4 I’ve grown before which have found their way into my 2019 garden plan. 


This is a favorite by many, me included. It has been grown in my garden for many years. It’s a beautiful orange/gold color that is super sweet and great for snacking on. It’s known as a hybrid but there are some varieties out there that are said to be de-hybridized which allows you to save seeds and grow them year after year without having to buy them.


This is a gigantic Italian paste tomato from my friend, The Modern Day Settler. You can’t find this in stores anywhere as it’s a family heirloom that has been grown in her family for generations. You don’t need very many of these big guys for a batch of tomato sauce. I grew it in 2017 and missed it last year so will be growing it in the garden this year.

Barry’s Crazy Cherry 

This is a beautiful yellow cherry tomato I discovered last year from Wild Boar Farms and it’s a must have in my garden from now on. It’s the most productive tomato variety I’ve ever seen and it’s amazingly sweet too. If you haven’t grown it, you must!!  I entered it into the fair last year and it got a 1st place ribbon.

San Marzano

San Marzano is a very popular roma type that is great for sauces. They may not be large but they are great tasting and the skins come off super easy. I’ve tried a few different roma type tomatoes but didn’t purposefully grow this one last year. I let it grow as a volunteer in the onion bed and it was more productive than I had expected though there were still a lot of green tomatoes left on the plant at the end of the season. They ripened up pretty well in the window. Since it did so well last year I decided to grow it again.

In addition to the above I’ll also be growing: 
Autumn’s Sunrise
Blue Beauty
Blue Cream Berries
Garden Peach
Litt’l Bites Cherry
Matt’s Wild Cherry
Mortgage Lifter
Painted Lady
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye
Pink Vernissage
Pork Chop
Tiger Pear

If you have any favorite varieties you grow in your garden every year or have grown multiple times, let me know what they are!


7 thoughts on “Must Grow Tomatoes

  1. Can you please send me some seeds of Fertunia, Blue beauty, San Marzano and other heirloom tomatoes in smaller amounts of each of the variety. I really like these tomatoes to grow. With best regards and wishes.

    R. Yaorei


  2. I would be interested in some fertunia seeds if you are still offering them for sale. You have inspired me to find some since I normally just go for the Amish paste. Thank you for the info! I am in Ohio.


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