How I got into IFBC 2010

IFBC 2010 is the 2nd Annual International Food Blogger Conference organized by Foodista and has a host of other sponsors including Sur La Table and POM Wonderful. I didn’t know I was going to IFBC until Friday, the first day it started, though I would only be attending for one day. I remembered several months ago seeing an email about it so I checked out the website and saw the $350 price tag and thought that was a little steep. I had planned on checking back later to read more about it but totally forgot about it until I saw some tweets about it. Everyone seemed to be going so I went to the website again to check into it some more and I see the words SOLD OUT laughing in my face. I was excited to see there was a waiting list so I hurried up and registered in hopes I could get in. A few weeks pass and I get an email on 8/17 saying “Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate any additional attendees for this year’s conference, so we wanted to let you know this right away so you can make alternate plans for the weekend. “ I was kind of surprised to see an email like that when the conference is still a week and a half away. I sulked as all my foodie friends tweeted about what fun and exciting speakers and parties were being planned for IFBC.

A few days after the sad news email, me and Mark got to hang out with some foodies for An Ice Cream Social. It was an ice cream pot luck! People brought ice cream and/or toppings of all kinds. I brought a vanilla bean pernod and a balsamic strawberry. There were at least a dozen different ice creams to try, too many to try them all. My two favorites were Sonja Groset’s bourbon ice cream with bourbon caramel sauce and Sarah Lawer and Frank Guanco‘s fennel/bergamot/olive oil gelato. The most interesting was Paola Thomas’ brown bread ice cream. It had such an unusual texture for an ice cream but it was actually pretty good and not as sweet as most of the others. You can only eat so much sweet ice cream! As for the toppings, the pizzelles were the best. I can’t think of anything that goes better with ice cream than pizzelles. It’s like eating a flat waffle cone.

I brought my ice cream in my new Zak Designs Ice Cream Containers from Amazon for $10.99 each. They are supposed to keep the ice cream cold longer and I would have to say they were successful because by the end of the party most of the others were pretty well melted and mine was still a little firm, so I would recommend them. The only complaint is that the lid is a little hard to get off but not impossible like some people’s Amazon reviews say.
Melting Ice Cream Souse Vide Malted Milk Ball
Ice Cream Toppings
Time for Ice Cream

While at the ice cream social, I met Linda aka “Salty Seattle“. She told me about a pre-IFBC wine party she was putting on at her house on Thursday night. I figured, since I wasn’t going to IFBC I might as well take advantage of at least going to this.

Before heading over to the wine party, I met up with Mark and we had dinner at Delancey, where we ran into Ashely Rodriguez, just before ordering our padron sausage pizza. We got there early enough to sit at the bar and even got the first pizza out of the oven. The crust was nice and crispy, just the way we like it.

After dinner I headed over to Linda’s for the wine party. I arrived right on time and there were only a couple other people there. As the evening went on, more people and more wine showed up. There were a few snacks as well including some fresh smoked salmon, some baked fingerling potatoes with bacon, chives, and sour cream and some to die for cherry tomatoes with bacon and some kind of sugar coating. Had a fun night meeting lots of new foodies, some of which were just in town for IFBC which at this point I still was not planning on attending.

509 Syrah Cherry Tomatoes Like You've Never Had Before
Rolls and Fresh Smoked Salmon Wine Party Snacks

It was after I had left the party that I saw a tweet from Nurit aka @1familyfood that said “Who wants to buy my Saturday ticket to the Foodista conference?“. Hells Yah! Me! Me! Me! I sent her a reply via twitter in the morning and also sent her an email. I didn’t see anyone else reply so I was hoping I wasn’t too late to respond. Sure enough I was first but it looked like at least one other person responded after I did. They don’t sell one day passes to IFBC so it was a little tricky to get around that. But it all worked out. I hope to get some of the goodie bag items she decides she doesn’t want.

5 thoughts on “How I got into IFBC 2010

  1. Great pictures! Too bad I didn't have a chance to meet you at Linda's get together. Hope you had a great time at the IFBC (which I'm sure you did!) I think I might have been the other person trying to get that ticket lol! Guess you beat me to it! -Emme


  2. Very happy you were able to join us at home for the ice cream social. It was a really fun time with everyone bringing s many delicious homemade ice creams and of course the company was terrific. I plan to host another one in the middle of winter so stay tuned. xo Myra


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